14 Caminos de Santiago, 50 countries of our Home Planet Earth and myriads of places visited along these journeys: from seemingly mundane (with their true beauty lying very well-hidden!) to breathtaking wonders of nature and of human design... And here I am: looking at the world map and not seeing border lines, reflecting on my past journeys and planning new ones!

My very first Camino dates back to 2005 and, since then - with very few exceptions - I have returned to the Way every year. I've gone on Caminos both alone and with friends and family, I've walked in bitter pain and highest joy, I've coached and led groups on the Camino, and if there is one common denominator between all of my Caminos, then it's the fact that it never ceases to call me back!

From 2014 with my first DSLR on, my Camera became one of the must-haves on my Caminos and, as I walked more and more, I kept learning new ways of making photographic memories of my experiences. As I continue to explore the infinity of the Camino, I seek to capture the stunning beauty of its colors, shapes, textures - but even more so the many impressions and feelings - both with my heart and with my camera.



The main purpose of this site is to exhibit my Camino and World Travel photography, and to make it available to those interested. I am open and keen to collaborate on and support any Camino-related endeavors, with individuals, non-profits and businesses alike - be it coaching someone through planning their first Camino, offering my work to aid a meaningful cause, or being commissioned for a private / corporate project. Feel free to reach out - just drop me the Contact Form below! 

Buen Camino! 



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